Designing for Tui Magazine

After hours of researching the flashpacking topic as well as the TUI brand to further understand the meaning behind it all; the fonts, the colours and the tone of voice, we embarked on a journey of designing for one of the articles in the TUI magazine. It was a great experience.



We started with the title of "Why Flashpacking is the new Backpacking" and then carried on from there. We then decided to go for an image that would express backpacking, style, and comfort.

As you flip the page, we had content with the title "2 in 1 beach and city" which we had to transform in visuals. After playing around with various design layouts that would show 2 in 1 we decide on the split page from corner to corner and carried the same layout over to the second page to ensure a consistent design. We then decided to only use colours already existent in the images as background for text containers to ensure a smooth transition between the images and containers.

In addition, we created a promotional Instagram post highlighting the benefits of the new way of backpacking. While already familiar with the Tui brand, we began our process by firstly choosing the right background image to express comfort and style which is what flashpacking is all about. We then spent some time creating the body text. After several shots, we think we got it just right. And then, comes a simple, beautiful yet powerful design. 

Flashpacking - Tui Instagram

Instagram post

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