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How to visually plan your Instagram posts effectively. This is how they do it...

Truth is that there are a few tools that give you this opportunity. A further truth is that a lot of people don't actually know these apps even exist. From our research, we believe that "Planoly" is actually one of the best social media tool used to effectively and visually plan your Instagram posts.

One of the key principles of content strategy is storytelling. This is simply because it's the story that creates the emotion which decides the next action. Planoly allows you to plan your feed by uploading your photos/videos and moving them around using a drag and drop feature so you can actually visualise how your posts will eventually look next and around each other on your Instagram grid. In other words, you can create your grid layout before you actually post anything.

The cool thing is that as soon as you log in, Planoly will automatically pull your last 18 posts from Instagram to give you the opportunity to continue planing your Instagram content around your latest posts. After you've uploaded your content and have effectively managed to arrange it based on your strategy, you will then be able to start drafting and editing captions for each media.

When the time is right, you can begin scheduling your posts adding a date and a time when you'd like your Instagram post to be published. This means when the right time to upload on your Instagram has come, you will only need to worry about posting. But due to the Instagram's limited API, no social media management tool can post automatically YET. We'll keep you updated of any changes in the future. After Planoly has pulled your content and information to Instagram, you will have to publish it manually.

Watch the video bellow to find out more about Planoly and remember to share this amazing tool with others so together we can help brands and individuals visually plan their Instagram posts more effectively.


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