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Do I really need a website in 2021?

It's an interesting question to ask in the year of 2021 and just because everyone else has one should not be the reason why you should have one also. The opposing argument here is why do I need a website if I am already active on Facebook and other social media platforms. In this article, we'll mention the main reasons why you should have a website in 2021 besides social media.

Make the first impression

Getting a website was not as easy back in the days, and if you happened to have one then you were automatically considered a serious company. With time, this has changed since it became easier for companies or individuals to have a website. Because of that, the web has now become a space of impressions. Your website is probably the only way you can make an impression on the web. How else could you possibly take full control of your appearance online? It's the only option you have to build something that; interacts with your clients, can be different than anything else on the web and can make the first impression.

Gain credibility

Having a website gives you as a brand more credibility. It's a way of proving legitimacy and creating confidence in your brand by showing you are well established. The other thing is that through a website you can show people who you really are. This is because, as mentioned above, this is one of the only options you have where you can be free. Social media is actually restricted and as a user, you have to work around what you're being offered. Websites aren't like that. They are blank or nonexistent and you get the freedom to build something from scratch. Whatever you build will become your online identity. A question we'd ask;

If you don't have a website, failing to care for your own brand, then how can I trust you to care and serve me as a client?!

Showcase your work

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Your website is the best place for you to showcase any sort of service or product you provide. The first thing anyone wants to see before they even interact with you is how you, can serve them. Let's say your website looks pretty impressive but, does your work pass the impression check mark also? Usually, this is the first thing our clients want to see before they decide to work with us or not, especially in the creative industry. You can have a page on your website dedicated to showcasing your work only. Websites are the best place to do this. Your work is always in one place and can always be viewed a few clicks away. Sharing your work on social media is only visible for a period of time to those who happen to see it. And the more you post the less visible your old posts become. That's why a lot of brands find themselves re-uploading the same content over again. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't share on social media, it just means you shouldn't use social media as the main and only platform you share your work on.

Social Media does not really make you stand out

The truth is this. Let's take Facebook for example. Being on Facebook doesn't make you any different than anyone who's also there. That's why we all love it. Whoever you are, whatever your status in the society, wherever you come from, on Facebook we are all the same; users. Your purpose may be different but as far as Facebook is concerned you're just another Facebook user in the Facebook space. But that's a good thing! Not only it makes you look more approachable but you can also get closer to the people you look to serve or impress. However, you must not forget that you're a brand. Therefore, Facebook or any other social media platform, in general, should not be your website, but rather a community you choose to join for the purpose of interacting with and searching for new clients as well as linking them back to your website.

Social media cannot be used as the first impression, it's the place to go to after an impression has been made.

Furthermore, changes in social media are being made constantly and since you're building your online presence on someone else's territory you will not have much control over any changes being made. As a user, you will have to adapt.

Would you rather build on someone's land or buy and build on your own?

We could probably help!

There is much more we could say but we don't want to make this article too long to read. We included the main reasons we think you should have a website based on our experience. Can you think of any other good reason why someone would want a website?

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