Branding for GreenValeting

Our client approached us with the idea of starting a mobile valeting business. The idea was great and we agreed to work together mainly because the client had some ideas that we encouraged and really supported. But it goes without saying that we are excited about to be involved in this project.

Branding Strategy

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Web Design & Built

Social Media Management


It's important for all to know that this project is still undergoing and we are therefore unable to disclose the full design process of this specific project. The client needed us to first create the logo of the company and then continue with designing and building of the website. While still working on the back end of the website as well as with the client to invent new ways to interact with clients, we have created a landing page allowing visitors to insert their email and be notified when the website goes live.  


The outcome

For now, we have the logo and the landing page to show. The client was not looking for something too sophisticated and after carefully studying the requirements, this is what we pulled out.


The team created a logo and landing page which I am really happy about. The project is still in progress but so far they have shown professionalism and excitement which makes it easier for me to work with them.

Lucian I, Owner of greenValeting

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