Brochure Design for Bedford Central

When Bedford Central approached us, they were looking to rebrand their current marketing materials. We started with their church bulletin. A weekly print out and therefore required prioritised attention. We asked to have a look at the current design to give us an idea or even a concept for us to work with. 



Before we took over, the previous concept didn't have much design added to it. It was very flat and basic.

Screenshot 2019-04-07 at 23.35.43.png
Screenshot 2019-04-07 at 23.35.57.png

The outcome

After several conversations with the client, we found out that the worldwide church organization has recently been implementing a new identity guideline system for all the connected churches globally. It was an exciting new brand to work with. We studied it thoroughly then began working away. Within just a few days we delivered the final project.


The best designers I’ve worked with and also local. I tasked them with a church design project I didn’t think they had much experience with and oh my... they tackled it with so much confidence and produce such an unexpected outcome out of something I thought was lifeless. These guys are really amazing, professional and everything you want as a client.

Elija G., Director of Communications, Bedford Central

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